Remembering Dana Fatigante

For over 25 years, Dana Fatigante dedicated herself to creating the premier stunt breakdown service in the world; Stunt Contact. Her ability to provide crucial information in a timely fashion led to the growth and success of countless Stunt Performers and Stunt Coordinators. Many careers were catapulted by using her valuable service, including top level names well recognized in the business.

What drove her was her genuine desire for her clients to succeed in their goals. Everyone was treated with respect, whether an A list Coordinator or a young Stuntie just starting out. It was her wish that everyone who used her breakdown service would rise to their highest potential. That is why Stunt Contact today is universally recognized as the absolute gold standard in the Stunt Breakdown Service.

After her untimely passing in 2020, her son kept her business closed until he found the right match to continue her legacy of excellence.

We are pleased to announce the reopening of Stunt Contact; bigger, better & coming weekly! We know Dana would be proud.


We will be keeping a page dedicated to Dana and her legacy in the Stunt World. We encourage those who would like to leave their comments or personal stories about Dana and Stunt Contact to please do so here.

Was an incredible businesswoman who loved stunt people. Her craft and willingness to provide insightful 411 for stunt performers looking for work or promoting resourceful information was undeniable.
She was dedicated to maintaining the sustainability of the Stunt Contact.
She always judge one based on her experiences, loved her for that👏🏾.

She was a breath of fresh air.
Her spirit and tenacity will forever live on as one of the first to create a job listing for stunt performers.

La Faye Baker

Thanks Dana for working so hard for all of us! You gave us hope to get work and keep our dream going. We always knew where the work was and with whom. It was awesome get calls but not sure who the work was for because we had had so many opportunities we had send to.
Appreciate you working hard over the years!!

Melissa Tracy

Dana loved the stunt community and did so many things to help it out.
She is responsible for launching so many careers and was always so pleasant and positive in all her endeavor’s.
Congratulations to all that are bringing Stunt Contact back.

Doug Coleman

doug coleman

I’m excited about the return of Stunt Contact. I loved the fact that back in the day I could print up a list of films to submit for and cross them off as I went along. With the other sites, I never could keep track of what I had already submitted to!

Eric Spudic

Great service

Jude Cambise

I used Stunt Contact for decades .. glad it’s making a comeback.


Stunt Contact has always been part of my career as a stunt performer and Coordinator. Glad you are coming back. Much love to Dana.

Kevin Beard

All the best love to the Fatigante family! I loved Dana. I will never forget Dana running up to me at Wally’s party and saying: ‘It’s so exciting for me to meet you stunt performers in person!’ It was so great to meet Dana. She was wonderful with people; especially us stuntplayers. Thanks for keeping her memory alive. We will continue her legacy with our wonderful work! Joni

Joni Podesta

When the stunt contact was up and running, it was the best most informative piece in the business.

Casey Hendershot

I found many stunt performers for projects through Dana and Stunt Contact. She was a sweet and good soul. Wishing the new owners the best and looking forward to seeing more from them in the near future. RIP Dana.

Todd Bryant

The best there is, a cut above anything else. Dana always cared about our community and she was always a delight having a great laugh when we would speak on the phone or I dropped by to just say hi. She helped launch many many people’s careers with what she created. She was a beautiful person and is greatly missed.

Gregg Sargeant

Dana and Stunt Contact were a big part of many of our stunt careers . We talked on the phone alot about the shows in New Orleans. She will be missed but glad the Stunt Contact is coming back

Jeff Galpin

When I move to to LA back in the day this was my guide to meet people. Thank you Dana, you were my guardian angel. 🙏🏽

Eddie Fernandez

Love you guys, tech kings and innovators leading us into the future providing information and opportunity!

Rose Sias

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