Publisher's Request - Copyright & Ownership

Welcome, Stunt Contact Subscribers

This is Josh Siegel, Dana Fatigante’s son, and heir of Stunt Contact. I’d like to welcome you to our service and thank you for supporting us.

The comments on Dana’s Corner have been very touching to me, to know how much she and Stunt Contact were loved by the Stunt Community is truly heartwarming….

It is with this love in mind, that I am asking that you not share info from our publication with anyone else who has not paid.

One of the most difficult challenges my Mother faced while running Stunt Contact was those who paid for the service sharing it freely with others who didn’t. This caused her much stress and concern.

This publication is a small family business with a team of paid production researchers on a tight daily schedule; whose sole job is to provide accurate and up-to-date information to you, the subscriber.

Clearly, there is a great cost of time and financial investment for us to do that which is why I’m personally asking that you respect our efforts, our terms of use and the legacy my Mother leaves behind.

Please help us stay in business by not sharing this information with anyone who has not paid for a subscription.

We look forward to helping you reach the stars with your Stunt Career as we have for countless others for almost 30 years

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